(A) He’s waking around the office.

(B) He’s putting on his jacket.

(C) He’s working at his desk.

(D) He’s picking up a cup.



(A) The bicycles are lying on the ground.

(B) The people are driving their cars down the road.

(C) The bicycles are parked in front of the buildings.

(D) The people are riding their bicycles along the street.



(A) The man is moving some chairs.

(B) The people are eating in a restaurant.

(C) The waiter is serving some sandwiches.

(D) The woman is ordering her meal.



(A) The stairs have been carpeted.

(B) The woman is going upstairs.

(C) The railing has been removed.

(D) The window is being cleaned.



(A) The swimmers are in the water.

(B) The boats are out to sea.

(C) The pedestrians are crossing the bridge.

(D) Some people are standing on the shore.



(A) They’re setting the table for a meal.

(B) They’re concentrating on some documents.

(C) They’re taking off their glasses.

(D) They’re taking their seats for meeting.



(A) The books have been arranged in piles.

(B) The bookshelves have fallen over.

(C) The cart has been turned on its side.

(D) The files have been stacked on the bookshelf.



(A) The shopkeeper is lining up some goods for sale.

(B) The man is holding some reading material.

(C) The shopper is picking out clothes from the rack.

(D) The man is folding the merchandise on the table.



(A) The man is building a brick wall.

(B) The man is taking off his cap.

(C) Some weeds are growing next to a wall.

(D) Some trees are being planted in pots.



(A) The pins have been pressed into the board.

(B) The cups have been left to dry.

(C) The closet is full of boxes.

(D) The pencils have been arranged in containers.






11. How much is a taxi to the airport?

(A) Three miles from here.

(B) The dollars on way.

(C) It leaves in an hour.


12. Where did you get your hair cut?

(A) It was getting too long.

(B) About every two months.

(C) At the new shop downtown.


13. When will you be returning to work?

(A) Sometime next week.

(B) I went to visit my family.

(C) Please return it by two o’clock.


14. Which country did Emi say she’s from?

(A) She’ll be here next week.

(B) No, she lives in the city.

(C) She’s from Japan.


15. Who’ll be joining us at dinner?

(A) Tonight at seven o’clock.

(B) Jim and Mary are coming.

(C) We’ll be having chicken.


16. When can you submit the report to Mr. Chang?

(A) Today’s weather report.

(B) By Tuesday afternoon at the earliest.

(C) Mr. Chang hasn’t called all day.


17. Do you prefer to work the morning shift, or are you available later?

(A) I’ll be happy to refer you.

(B) Later is better for me.

(C) Yes, it works very well.


18. Who left his memo on my desk?

(A) I’ll find it for you.

(B) They have to be finished by tonight.

(C) Ms. Kim did, while you were at lunch.


19. Excuse me, do you think you could turn the music down a little?

(A) Sorry, I didn’t know anyone was here.

(B) Turn right, and then left.

(C) I think I left that CD in my car.


20. Have you seen my scissors?

(A) Those scissors are sharp.

(B) I’ve never been there.

(C) Look next to the printer.


21. What did you think of Ms. lwata’s presentation?

(A) I wasn’t able to attend.

(B) Yes, I plan to be there.

(C) It’s a beautiful gift.


22. How did your lecture go yesterday?

(A) He was out yesterday.

(B) It couldn’t have been better.

(C) Yes, I’m ready.


23. I found the documents that were missing from the folder.

(A) I will hold a space for Ms. Smith.

(B) Yes, the folders are missing.

(C) Please bring them with you to the meeting.


24. When will the concert start?

(A) The symphony is nearly an hour long.

(B) As soon as everyone is seated.

(C) It was first performed ten years ago.


25. Weren’t you surprised that Mr. Lee missed the meeting?

(A) Very good.

(B) The top prize.

(C) Yes, I was.


26. Would you recommend the new novel by Paul Miller?

(A) Well, maybe not to everyone.

(B) On the bookshelf.

(C) I got some good comments from him.


27. Where should I send the revised version of the contract?

(A) He’s probably from the United States.

(B) I think my home address would be best.

(C) Yes, the last page has five mistakes.


28. How do you like the new filing system?

(A) It’s quite efficient, actually.

(B) I’d like to make some copies.

(C) I borrowed them from my sister.


29. What time does the post office open on Saturdays?

(A) In an office building down the street.

(B) Yes, you always have to wait a long time there.

(C) There’s a schedule on the door.


30. Where’s the supervisor who’s in charge of this project?

(A) He went to the main office for the afternoon.

(B) In another week or two, at the most.

(C) We charge 30 dollars for the projector.


31. I’d prefer to stay at the Capital Hotel during the conference, wouldn’t you?

(A) Yes, it was a very interesting conference.

(B) Yes, I prefer that hotel, too.

(C) No, it’s on the third floor of the hotel.


32. Were you going to get in touch with Mario, or was he going to call you?

(A) I’m supposed to contact him.

(B) It was Mario.

(C) We’re going there now.


33. Don’t you want to get some coffee before we go back to the office?

(A) No, thanks. I don’t need any copies.

(B) Yes, that’s a great idea.

(C) Oh, the office is over there.


34. Please feel free to ask me if you need any help.

(A) Yes, I feel fine.

(B) That’s very kind of you.

(C) Yes, anything you want.


35. Should I schedule the meeting for earlier in the day or later?

(A) Any time in the morning is OK with me.

(B) Yes, I’ve met with the day-shift workers.

(C) No, I wasn’t late for the meeting.


36. How about giving me a hand with this projector?

(A) We project steady growth.

(B) Sure. Let me hold it for you.

(C) It’s a good idea to hand them out.


37. Do you think Ms. Dumont will receive an award this year?

(A) She sent the invitation to Ms. Dumont.

(B) I don’t think I recognize him.

(C) Yes, she’s been working so hard.


38. How about going out for lunch today instead of eating in the cafeteria?

(A) I agree. They serve good food for lunch.

(B) Yes, the cafeteria is open from eleven to two-thirty.

(C) I have a one o’clock meeting, so that won’t work today.


39. Don’t you need to leave soon?

(A) Not for another hour.

(B) It’ll get there soon.

(C) I don’t need it yet.


40. This office is so hot today.

(A) No, not for me, thanks.

(B) Yes, she’s in the office today.

(C) Maybe we can open a window?






M:     I heard you went to that new restaurant on Queen Street. What’s the name of it again?

W:    It’s called The Walnut Tree. It was great, terrific food, fast service, pleasant setting.

M:     That’s good to know. I have some clients coming in from out of town next week and I’d like to take them to someplace nice. How are the prices?

W:   Not bad at all. Oh, and here: I got one of their business cards with their address and phone number. You can have it.




M:     Here’s the company president’s monthly message for the newsletter.

W:    Thank you. Do you have a minute to help me?

M:     I’d be happy to, but I’ve never worked on a newsletter.

W:    Don’t worry about that. I just need another opinion about the placement of the photographs.




W:    Hmm… I want to wear this dress on Saturday, but it should really be cleaned. Ted, could you leave it at the cleaner’s on your way to work today and tell them I need to have it back by Saturday morning?

M:     I have to get to the office early this morning to work on that speech I’m giving next week. But I could do it tomorrow. What’s happening on Saturday anyway?

W:    It’s your cousin’s wedding! How could you forget? Why don’t you drop off your suit along with my dress?

M:     This Saturday? I can’t believe it! I have tickets to the first ballgame of the season, and I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time.




W:    Hello, this is Annabelle Futuro. I haven’t received my ticket yet for a flight I’m leaving on tomorrow. Peter sent me a ticket a few weeks ago, but the wrong date was on it. So I called and spoke with Indira and she said that I would be reticketed.

M:     Thank you for calling. I’m afraid that Indira has left the company rather suddenly, and Peter’s on vacation, but I’ll do my best to help you.

W:    The ticket was supposed to be here last week. I’m speaking at an awards ceremony, and it’s very important that I’d be there tomorrow.

M:     Here, I found you in the computer. Well, the ticket was mailed just yesterday. I apologize for this inconvenience, Ms. Futuro. I’ll issue you another one and send it by messenger to you office before noon.




M:     Sorry that I couldn’t go to lunch today with you, Beth. When I got to the office this morning, there was an e-mail from my supervisor about a special staff meeting at 11:30.

W:    That’s OK, Jack. I just went and got a sandwich from the cafeteria and ate it in the park. So… what was the meeting about?

M:     Well, they announced a contract with Yoon Corporation to develop a new software program. But, because of the deadline, we’ll probably have to work a lot of overtime to finish up the work by January first.

W:    You should be happy to get the contract. Lots of companies around here have had to lay off employees recently because they don’t have enough work for them to do.





M:     Hello. Jeffrey Hines speaking.

W:    This is Martha Benjamin. I’m calling to let you know I’ve put my research report in the interoffice mail. You should have it this afternoon. I hope you’re still willing to review it for me.

M:     Of course. I’ll be out of town on business for the next few days, but I’ll take it with me. I also have your request for additional money to continue your research.

W:    Thanks very much. Don’t worry about the typos – I’ll be sending the report to an editor. But please make suggestions about the content. It’s only the first draft and I’m going to make revisions. I’m really looking forward to your feedback.




W:    Hello, are you Maurice Pochon? I’m Marie Roland. Housekeeping sent me to help you set up the dining room. This isn’t my usual job at the hotel, so I’m afraid you’re going to have to show me what to do.

M:     Well, first we need to clear the dirty dishes and linens from the tables. We just had 50 or 60 people in here for breakfast. After we finish that, then we need to put the clean tablecloths on all of the tables. Then I’ll show you how to do the place settings.

W:    OK, sounds simple enough. Why don’t you just show me where to put the dirty dishes and tablecloths, and then we can get to work.




M:     If it will help, we can reschedule tomorrow’s staff meeting to two o’clock – but we’d have to meet in the small conference room.

W:    I still won’t be able to attend, so don’t change your plans for me. I’ll be at the board of trustees meeting all day, presenting our division report.

M:     If we postpone the staff meeting until next week, would you be able to report on the board meeting? I’m sure that would be interesting for the staff.

W:    Of course. I’d be very happy to. I’ll try to prepare a summary by then.




M:     Thanks for stopping by, Ms. DeVincenzi. Today I’m going to give you the specifications for the project, as well as a contract. You’ll receive a confidentiality agreement from our legal department in the mail. You should return both as soon as possible.

W:    When is the assignment due?

M:     Initially, the schedule is rather tight; we’d like the first part by the end of next month. The remainder can wait until the end of the year.

W:    That should be just fine. I’ll get started right away.




W:    I can’t believe the trouble we had coming up with the design for our new logo. It seems to have taken forever.

M:     Yes, but the results are worthwhile, don’t you think? It sums up exactly what our company stands for: it looks both sporty and dependable.

W:    Yes, and it comes out well both small on our letterhead and large on our store signs and products. Look at these tennis rackets and our new mountain bikes. They look fantastic!








Hello. First, I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself and then I’ll move on to the demonstration. My name is Debra Page and I’ve been a professional chef with The Seasoned Cook for five years now. In this role, I’ve been able to work doing two things I love – cooking and meeting new people. The Seasoned Cook was founded twenty years ago to provide people with kitchen products that reduce both cooking and clean-up time. Tonight I’ll be preparing two easy, delicious treats for you. The first is an appetizer that can be made very quickly using several prepared items from the supermarket. The second treat is a dessert that takes a little bit longer to make, but is well worth the trouble. As I prepare these dishes, I’ll be demonstrating some of our efficient, effective, inexpensive kitchen products for you. And at the end of the demonstration, we’ll all be able to sample the results; then I’ll help you place your orders for Seasoned Cook products.




And the last stop on our tour is the cafeteria. The cafeteria is open in the morning from seven to ten and for lunch from twelve noon to two-thirty. Hot food is served from this area on the right; sandwiches and snacks are over there on the left; and in the middle, here, is the salad bar. In your employee orientation pack you’ll find a café card. This first one is complimentary. It has ten euros worth of credit on it. When you’ve selected your food, take it to the checkout. The cashier will add up your purchases and tell you how much credit you have left. When it is used up, you can purchase a new card. There is a card machine in the lobby. Let’s all get a cup of coffee and sit here in the cafeteria where I’ll try to answer any questions you have.




Good morning. I’m Bob Lucas and I’ll be your host on Money Talks here on BQ Radio tomorrow morning at ten. We’ve got a great lineup for you this week. We’ll be giving you a rundown on the latest credit card deals from the big banks, and discussing pension plans and when you should start saving for retirement. In the Your Money slot, you can hear local financial adviser Diane Lee talking to school teacher Joanne Hopkinson about her personal finances, and helping her to find ways to save money on her tax and mortgage payments. And of course, Money Matters’ own investment consultant, Antonio Moreno, will be giving you some hot tips on investment. So, to learn how to manage your money, tune in to Money Talks tomorrow at ten with me, Bob Lucas.




Hi, Ms. Roberts. This is William from the Victoria Theater. I wanted to give you an update on your group reservation. I’ve booked forty tickets for your group to see the musical Running Away next Thursday. As we discussed, you’ve received a 25 percent discount because of size of your group. You will find the seat number at the bottom of each ticket. They’re very good seats – in the center, close to the stage. Now, as part of our special group promotion, as I explained, all of you will be able to meet the actors after the show to ask questions and get autographs. Just remember that these seats cannot be changed, and the tickets cannot be returned.




I am delighted to see that we have such a full house for this afternoon’s lecture. I can see by the overwhelming attendance that today’s topic and the new exhibit are of interest to many in our community. The photographs, which are on loan from a number of local businesses and private collectors, trace the history of the area from its beginning as a small stop on a nineteenth-century railway line to its current status as a modern city. And that is what we have asked historian and storyteller Marc Wise to share with us today.





Hello, Mr. Ostrem. This is Marianne McCrossen from D.E.B. Corporation. I wanted to let you know that we were all impressed by your presentation earlier this week. We’d like you to give us a quote on the project. So I’ve gone ahead and e-mailed a formal request for a bid to you. We’ll need to receive the information by November 14 at the latest. Please note that we will not be able to accept anything submitted after that date. It would be great if you could get it to us sooner. If you have any questions about the specifications, call me at 555-4767. We look forward to receiving your bid.




I’d like to start out by telling you how much I appreciate the trophy and the recognition it signifies. I have been with J&B Limited since the beginning, when Jeff and I were just a couple of guys working in a rented garage. We’ve gone from producing and selling audio recordings of local musicians to being one of the nation’s largest and most respected providers of quality entertainment products. We now produce and distribute everything from music to movies and video games. And while I appreciate the honor you’re bestowing on me this evening, I want to stress that my success would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of my wonderful colleagues, many of whom are here tonight. With our success as a company has come responsibility, to our industry, to our community, and most of all to our loyal customers who have contributed to support and purchase our products. I’m looking forward to many more happy years with J&B Limited.




We’re very happy to welcome you to the historic city of Brantford and to have you join us on one of our tours today. The entire trip will take most of the afternoon. We’ll start with a fairly short tour of the city center area, driving by the main landmarks there and that will take us about half an hour or so. You’ll see the city’s distinctive architecture, dating back to the late eighteenth century. And we’ll stop briefly at the government buildings before leaving the city center. Then, after we leave the city, we’ll cross one of the oldest suspension bridges in the world. We’ll proceed to the National Museum of Art, and then to our highly regarded weather observatory. If you have any questions, fee free to address them to me any time. Now, let’s begin our tour.




Thank you for coming here today. I hope you’re all enjoying the lunch. As you know, we’re here to celebrate with Mr. Kim, who is retiring after 37 years with New Star Corporation. When he started here as an inexperienced university graduate, he had no idea that he would be president of the company one day. But he never stopped trying to improve things. With great persistence - he never gave up - he worked his way up to become the company’s leader. Even in this last year of his service to New Star, Mr. Kim initiated a market research study to reevaluate our company’s performance and ensure its continued profitability. On a very personal level, I believe Mr. Kim has inspired each one of us with his wisdom, fairness, and empathy towards all staff from board members to our newest recruits. Please join me in wishing Mr. Kim a fond farewell.




Hello, everyone. My name’s Brian Collins, and I work for Selectron Tools, a family firm based in Melbourne. We make kitchen utensils of the finest quality and offer them to buyers like you so that you can sell them in your high-quality retail stores. Our products are handcrafted to be as beautiful as they are functional. They’re also guaranteed for life if they ever need repair. In countries where they’ve been introduced, they’re extremely popular with the most discriminating customers. As a result, we’re going to be offering our products to retail stores in additional countries. Moreover, we’re adding a custom order line. You order a set of knives, for example, and you choose how you want to customize them - have your family name engraved, choose what type of handles you want, and so on. I think you’ll be happy to place an order for your retail stores with us once I’ve shown you some of our products. You can always send them back for a full refund if you’re not delighted with your sales.

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