(A) The signs are being painted.

(B) the building is under construction.

(C) The bicyclists are riding through the streets.

(D) Some cars are parked on the street.



(A) They’re waiting in line together.

(B) They’re playing a game outdoors.

(C) They’re sitting at the dentist’s office.

(D) They’re opening the gate.



(A) A man is fishing from the shore.

(B) The beach is crowed with swimmers.

(C) The fishermen are pulling in their nets.

(D) The man is cooking a fish.



(A) The woman has left her seat.

(B) The men are leaning across the table.

(C) There is a pair of sunglasses on the table.

(D) The woman is putting some flowers in a vase.



(A) There’s a chair next to the beds.

(B) There are no pillows on the bed.

(C) There’s a stack of sheets on the shelf.

(D) There’s a picture above the beds.



(A) The handrails are being polished.

(B) The people are seated on the steps.

(C) The people are going up to the next floor.

(D) The workers are cleaning the walkway.



(A) The man is throwing away some posters.

(B) A picture is being hung on the wall

(C) The man is reaching down to pick up some tape.

(D) A railing has been placed along the street.



(A) She’s stapling some documents together.

(B) She’s doing some paperwork.

(C) She’s looking over her shoulder.

(D) She’s riding to the office.



(A) The taller ladder is propped up against the building.

(B) The man is putting away the ladder.

(C) The windows are closed because of the cod weather.

(D) The man is planting a flower garden in front of the house.



(A) The waiter is setting up some chairs at each table.

(B) Potted plants have been arranged along the border of the patio.

(C) Some customers are sharing a seat on a bench.

(D) The tablecloths have been removed for the evening.






11. Aren’t you going to work outside today?

(A) No, I usually walk to the office.

(B) No. it’s much too cold for that.

(C) Yes, I went camping last week.


12. Why did they book the large conference room?

(A) They weren’t sure how many people were coming.

(B) The books have already been ordered.

(C) Sure, I’ll reschedule it right away.


13. When does the meeting start?

(A) The room next door.

(B) It’ll start with a presentation.

(C) Right after lunch.


14. The new marketing director is arriving from Singapore tomorrow.

(A) Yes, it’s south of the airport.

(B) The markets in Singapore are doing well.

(C) I’m looking forward to meeting him.


15. You just got back from vacation, didn’t you?

(A) No, its’ in the front.

(B) Yes, just last night.

(C) It sounds like a lot of fun.


16. Who ordered a new computer for the office?

(A) Mr. Sánchez did.

(B) Tomorrow.

(C) Yes, a new computer.


17. When did they fill the assistant manager position?

(A) At the new branch office.

(B) Because he retired.

(C) Last Monday.


18. Where is the art exhibition being held?

(A) To raise money for charity.

(B) It’ll be at the city gallery

(C) Watercolor paintings.


19. Do you know when the next bus is scheduled to leave?

(A) It stops at the corner.

(B) It should leave at 3:15.

(C) Yes, to the department store.


20. You’ve seen the new company letterhead, haven’t you?

(A) Yes, it’s very impressive.

(B) Because it’s still to new.

(C) No. I work for a company.


21. What took you so long to get here?

(A) No. it’s much shorter.

(B) I was stuck in traffic.

(C) About three hours.


22. When do you expect Ms. Kim to finish the assignment?

(A) At the corner.

(B) For two days.

(C) In half an hour.


23. Does your hotel have any rooms available?

(A) I’m afraid we’re booked through next week.

(B) Yes, I can come tomorrow.

(C) No, there’s not enough room for both cars.


24. How did Jim manage to pay for the trip?

(A) I think he enjoyed it a lot.

(B) He likes his new job as a manager.

(C) It was a birthday present from his parents.


25. Ms. Arendt has extended the due date for our budget proposal.

(A) Ten I can work on it over the weekend.

(B) Within a few dollars.

(C) She has a good attendance record.


26. Who’s working on revising the report?

(A) Not before the holidays for sure.

(B) I don’t know if it’s been assigned.

(C) Yes, he’s a good reporter.


27. Where did Ms. Sato go to university?

(A) That’s my next class.

(B) Her colleagues went there, too.

(C) Somewhere in the north, I think.


28. Why is Mr. Dean in such a good mood?

(A) In order to finish early.

(B) He just won a sales competition.

(C) It’s the most acceptable decision.


29. Has Dr. Robinson’s office called you with the estimate for your dental work?

(A) Our estimated arrival is 4 P.M.

(B) Yes, I’m working hard this week.

(C) No, they’re out on vacation.


30. This product was developed just last year.

(A) Given the short timeframe, its success is surprising.

(B) There are plans to start the development soon.

(C) Yes, a couple of biochemical engineers in Canada.


31. Who’s in charge of making the director’s travel arrangements?

(A) That’s handled by his secretary.

(B) Use the corporate credit card to pay.

(C) The Travel department called about the charges.


32. Will you be needing anything else, sir?

(A) Sorry, I didn’t.

(B) Yes, you’ll need this.

(C) I’d like a glass of water, please.


33. Do you remember where we met before?

(A) Not until next week.

(B) Last year, at a conference.

(C) Yes, put it on the shelf.


34. This is the room design Mr. Yem chose, isn’t it?

(A) No, he liked the other one.

(B) Sorry, I didn’t see the sign.

(C) The last show was at four o’clock.


35. Can you assist Mr. Jackson with this project, or do you have to go to the meeting?

(A) Yes, it was very helpful.

(B) I met him at the party.

(C) I’m free all afternoon.


36. Why don’t give you my mobile phone number?

(A) I didn’t take it.

(B) There are too many already.

(C) That’d be great.


37. Would you rather stay late tonight or come in early tomorrow to finish the job?

(A) Yes, the job is finished.

(B) I’ll be in early tomorrow morning.

(C) I don’t want to be late.


38. Would you like some help with that box?

(A) I can manage, thanks.

(B) Not the top, the bottom.

(C) Sure, I’ll help you.


39. Why didn’t you tell us you studied accounting?

(A) I never actually finished my degree.

(B) The accountant is behind schedule.

(C) No, studying in the library.


40. It’s uncomfortably warm in here today.

(A) Yes, I can come here on Tuesday.

(B) You can warm it in the oven.

(C) It’s been hot all week.







M:     Hi Mary! Have you decided to stay with us another year?

W:    I don’t think I will. I’m trying to get a job at a different school for next year.

M:     You are? Really? I thought you liked it here.

W:    I do like it here. This is a great school, and I’ll hate to leave, but I’d really prefer to teach younger children.




W:    Could you please connect me to Susan Lam’s room?

M:     Just a moment, please… I’m sorry, I can’t find anyone by that name in our records. Are you sure she’s staying here?

W:    Yes, I’m sure, I was just talking to her a minute ago. Oh, wait, I made a mistake. It’s Susan Lim, no Susan Lam.

M:     Oh, yes, I see her name. Let me connect you to her room.




M:     Good afternoon. This is Dave’s Driveway Construction Company, ready to assist you with all of your driveway needs. How may I help you?

W:    Hi. One of your workers came to my house yesterday and gave me an estimate for putting in a new driveway. I’d like to go ahead and have the work done, but I’m not sure what the next step should be.

M:     Well, you’ll need to get a permit from the town for the construction work, and then you can call us back to schedule it for some time next month.

W:    I thought you’d be able to start next week-at least that’s what your worker told me.




W:    Have you made arrangements to attend the sales conference in London?

M:     Sort of. I’ve registered to attend the conference, but I haven’t booked a room yet.

W:    You should really do that soon. I made my reservations last week, and the conference hotels are already full. I’m staying several miles from the convention center.

M:     Well, if I can’t get a hotel room, I’ll just stay with my brother-in-law. He has an apartment downtown.




W:    Your order for your office party Tuesday afternoon should be ready on Tuesday morning.

M:     Great, but I’d like to pick it up on Monday if that’s OK. I’ll be busy with clients on Tuesday morning.

W:    I’d advise against that-the food won’t say fresh. We could deliver the food to your office on Tuesday morning, if you’d like. It’s really much better if it’s fresh.

M:     That would be a great help. Thank you.





M:     Hi, Carol. Do you have a moment? I wanted to talk to you about the group of employees that will be visiting us from our Manchester office next week.

W:    Yes, I remember your mentioning their visit. You need a meeting room reserved for the morning, right?

M:     That’s right. Could you please do that today?

W:    Of course. I’d be happy to. I could make arrangements for lunch to be brought in as well.




W:    Hey, you made it! How was your flight?

M:     Terrible. We sat in the plane for three hours while they looked for a different pilot. It turned out that our captain had exceeded the maximum flying hours allowed for one shift.

W:    I’m surprised they didn’t know that before letting the passengers board the plane.

M:     That’s what the woman sitting next to me was saying. She said she was going to call the airline and tell them how dissatisfied she was.




W:    Hi, Steve. I was wondering if you would like to play volleyball with us on Saturday afternoon.

M:     Uh… it sounds like fun, but I have to tell you, I am really out of shape. I’m afraid I’m not much of an athlete these days.

W:    That’s all right. We just play to socialize, have some fun, and get a little exercise. Don’t worry about it – we’re not professionals! We’d love to have you on the team, and we really could use you on Saturday – on of our players was injured during the last game.

M:     In that case then, I’ll see you at the gym.




W:    Hello, Juan. This is Helen Luna at Magnum Heating Supplies. I’ve been going over our customer records, and I see that you currently use our Model 200 filters for your heating systems. I’m just calling to ask: have you considered upgrading to the Model 201 filters?

M:     I guess it’s a possibility, but the 200’s seem to be doing the job just fine for us.

W:    Well, the reason I ask is that for the next 90 days the Model 201 filters will be on sale for the same price as the Model 200’s you’re using now, so this would be a good time to change to the newer model.

M:     Hmmm. Let me talk about it with our maintenance staff and see what they think.




W:    Have you finished putting together that advertisement yet? We really need to run it in the next couple of days.

M:     I’ve just got a couple of questions for you about it. I listed two job openings for reporters. Is there anything else?

W:    We need to advertise for another assistant, too – for clerical support. We haven’t had enough help lately.

M:     And the reporters need to send us writing samples, right? You know, given the current job market, I’m very optimistic about who we’ll get.







Thanks for coming to our staff meeting today. It is with great pride that I announce that our mobile telephone coverage area has grown. We have tripled the area we serve, and are now able to provide service to the entire region. I know that you have all worked very hard and I want to thank you for your great efforts and the many hours you’ve put in so that this could happen. Already our revenue has increased by 30 percent. To celebrate our achievement, and to show you our appreciation, we will be having a company picnic in Memorial Park on Saturday. Your families are welcome to join us. There will be games and lots of great food. I hope you all can come to the picnic.




In today’s business news, it has been reported that Jane Parsons, president of the Star Company, will retire next year. Ms. Parsons’ skill and corporate connections helped to build the Star Company into a large business employing hundreds of people in our region. Although Ms. Parsons is leaving her job as president, she will continue as a consultant for the company. Star Company executives say the search for the next president is underway.




Welcome to this year’s national tennis championship tournament. We’re pleased that you will be here throughout the week to cover the championship matches. Remember that you are required to wear and display your press identification cards at all times. This promises to be an exciting and historic week. Following the play each day, selected players will be brought to the media center, where all of you will have an opportunity to ask questions in the interview area. In consideration of both players and fellow members of the media, we ask that you kindly turn off all mobile phones and pagers in the interview area. When you are called upon, please wait for a microphone to be handed to you before asking your question. Now I am pleased to welcome Sergio Padova, last year’s champion. He’ll talk about this year’s tournament and answer questions.




We are pleased to announce that the company will be opening its very own cafeteria for employees next month. Now, if you forget to bring your lunch to work, you won’t have to leave the building to get a delicious and nutritious lunch. The cafeteria will feature sandwiches, soups, and hot entrees at reasonable prices. Salads, snacks, coffee, tea, and soda will also be available. Each week on Monday morning, the chef will post the menu on the bulletin board near the entrance. Our growth in the industry this year has allowed us to make this much-needed improvement to our work environment.




This is Jim Johnson with Travel Talk. It’s summer and it’s vacation time. For some people this means long hours in the car and on the highway. Here are some tips to help you stay safe while on the road. First, the Do’s. If you’re traveling with more than one driver, try to switch drivers occasionally so that you don’t spend too much time behind the wheel. Remember to stop frequently and take a break. Make sure you know the signs of drowsiness: missing road signs, difficulty focusing, and yawning. Now the Don’t’s. Don’t count on distractions such as the radio or an open window to keep you awake. And even though a cup of coffee might give you a lift, remember that the effects of caffeine wear off after a short time. Finally, don’t drive between midnight and morning. Tune in again tomorrow when we’ll talk about vacation destinations that both adults and children will enjoy.





Thank you all for coming to this meeting on such short notice. As you know, our lease on this building is due to expire at the end of the year, and I’ve been looking and looking for new premises. I’ve searched everywhere, but I just couldn’t find any place to match our current location. We’ve been here for over fifteen years now, and Barker’s Books has become an institution. Being so close to the university, we have the perfect location. So, imagine my relief when I heard by chance that the shoe store across the road from us is moving out to the new shopping center. I contacted the property manager straight sway, and I’ve secured a two-year lease from January first on that space with only a modest increase in rent. We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us with the move, but I’m sure we can handle it.




Welcome to Jasson Industries’ new employee orientation. My name is Wendy Cho, and I will be spending about 30 minutes introducing you to the schedule for this week’s training. At 10:30 we will take a brief break, and then Karen Maitland from the personnel and benefits office will go over the forms in your packet and answer any questions you may have about company policies. Karen has been with the company since it was started and has lots of information to share with you. Lunch will be provided from 12:00 noon to one o’clock. In the afternoon, we’ll start with an excellent video about the history of Jasson Industries. Following the video, at 3:30, we will break up into groups by the department you’ll be working in, and you will meet your group trainers. Your technical training will begin tomorrow. Your trainers will explain where and when to meet and give you any materials you will need to get started.




At the request of the museum president, our firm of architects, Brown & Sons, has been asked to prepare an assessment of the museum facility. I have been named the lead architect. We understand that serious problems have led to the current situation at the museum. The museum building is 100 years old. It has not been properly taken care of, and it needs a lot of work. Everything from the foundation to the heating system will have to be restored and repaired. It will be expensive, but the work must be done if the museum is to last another hundred years. Now I am going to describe all of the problems in detail. Then I’ll explain the work that needs to be done and how we will do it.




Toronto is one of the largest cities in Canada. It is located in the province of Ontario. A special feature of Toronto is the downtown area – covering about twelve square kilometers – where many shops and buildings are located underground. There are five major shopping centers and a convention center with hotels. A subway and underground passageways connect these buildings with each other and the streets above. The architectural design is appropriate and popular because of the weather conditions in Toronto. The temperature fluctuates widely from summer to winter – by as much as 40 degrees Celsius within a year. This underground area has also helped to keep business in the city center instead of moving out to the suburbs, which is happening in many other cities. We think that makes Toronto a special place.




Nearly every day we are reminded to get more exercise, but this can be hard to do with the hectic lifestyles we have today. Multi-tasking – doing two or more things at the same time – is now a common theme in the workplace. So, why not try and combine your daily commute with a good aerobic workout? Cycling is a great way of doing just that, and you can get to work just as quickly as you can by car for most journeys under five miles. And you don’t have to pay for parking. As part of national Bike Week, our cycle forum is holding a bike riders’ breakfast on Thursday, July sixteenth in front of the Collins Building. If you can show that you arrived at work by bike, there will be free coffee, orange juice, fruit, and yogurt awaiting you!


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