< PART 1 >



(A) They’re shaking hands.

(B) They’re waving to one another.

(C) They’re walking around a tree.

(D) They’re waling side by side.



(A) He’s riding a motorcycle.

(B) He’s walking to the bike shop.

(C) He’s working in a repair shop.

(D) He’s getting a tool from a shelf.



(A) Customers are lined up to pay for their books.

(B) The people are standing at a table.

(C) There are boxes stacked on the table.

(D) Many books are on display.



(A) He’s sorting papers into a pile.

(B) He’s straightening his tie.

(C) He’s leaning over his desk.

(D) He’s opening a folder in front of him.



(A) The traffic is moving through the city.

(B) The vehicles are entering the tunnel.

(C) The buses are parked in a row.

(D) The buildings have no windows.



(A) They’re building a fence.

(B) They’re setting up chairs.

(C) They’re camping in tents.

(D) They’re using umbrellas.



(A) He’s fishing from a boat.

(B) He’s looking at a pile of fish.

(C) He’s eating from a dish.

(D) He’s standing on a scale.



(A) The bed has not been made today.

(B) The curtains have been closed.

(C) There’s a picture hanging on the wall.

(D) There’s a lamp at the foot of the bed.



(A) People are waiting next to the vehicle.

(B) The vehicle is pulling into a garage.

(C) The vehicle’s windows are being cleaned.

(D) People are crossing the street.



(A) The tables in the restaurant are round.

(B) The chairs have been pushed in.

(C) The restaurant is full of diners.

(D) There’s a window next to the door.




<PART 2>


11. What do you usually do on the weekend?

(A) I often work at home.

(B) I do like weekends.

(C) Very well, thank you.


12. Is this the newest type of battery?

(A) That’s too bad.

(B) No, I’m not.

(C) I think it is.


13. Why was Mr. Johnson out of the office this week?

(A) It will be postponed until next week.

(B) I think it makes my office look bigger.

(C) I was told he called in sick.


14. Where are you going on your business trip?

(A) To Japan.

(B) On the second.

(C) By plane.


15. Can you e-mail that information to me now?

(A) At the post office.

(B) I’ll send it right away.

(C) That’s amazing.


16. How may I direct your call?

(A) Thanks for calling.

(B) To room service, please.

(C) No, it’s in June.


17. When did you move into this house?

(A) It’s not moving at all.

(B) About three time.

(C) Almost a year ago.


18. Mike wasn’t in his office so I gave the lab report to Carla.

(A) I didn’t, either.

(B) OK, I’ll tell Mike.

(C) We have a brand-new lab.


19. Who’s ready for another slice of pizza?

(A) Yes, I’ve read it.

(B) I couldn’t eat another bite.

(C) That’s Mr. Thompson.


20. Would you mind helping me look for my camera?

(A) What kind is it?

(B) I don’t have any photos.

(C) Thanks for your help.


21. Does this book belong to Chelsea or Martha?

(A) Actually, I think it’s Tammy’s

(B) Don’t forget to take your belongings.

(C) We don’t have any more of those bags.


22. Why is all the office furniture covered?

(A) No, there’s some left over there.

(B) I’m not sure what it will cover.

(C) They’re painting over the weekend.


23. What was Mr. Yuan’s idea for increasing our sales?

(A) No, it’s not on sale.

(B) He wants to advertise more widely.

(C) That’s a good price.


24. Do you sell road maps?

(A) I don’t know that street.

(B) It’s not on this map.

(C) No, try the bookstore across the street.


25. You haven’t seen Ms. Li anywhere, have you?

(A) Not since yesterday.

(B) Because she’s new.

(C) Anywhere is OK with me.


26. I can’t remember which of your sisters is coming into town next week.

(A) Next week is fine.

(B) It’s Lina, the oldest one.

(C) Don’t forget to go.


27. Hasn’t anyone taken your order yet?

(A) That’s enough.

(B) No, I’m still waiting.

(C) We’ll take two.


28. Why don’t you make some cuts to the travel budget?

(A) I’ll try, but it’s not going to be easy.

(B) I don’t know him well.

(C) It’s at our first-aid station.


29. Where can I find a locksmith near here?

(A) We won’t be back till tomorrow.

(B) Yes, I’ll lock it when I leave.

(C) There’s one on Third Street.


30. Would you like to work in here, or shall we go somewhere else?

(A) Yes, I really like my new job.

(B) No, I don’t think he would.

(C) Let’s work in the other room.


31. Why’d they end the contract talks?

(A) They didn’t like the offer.

(B) It’s just through that door.

(C) The director gave me one.


32. Who has been appointed to chair the hiring committee?

(A) There are none available today.

(B) It hasn’t been announced yet.

(C) No, I don’t think he has.


33. Is the bank relocating?

(A) There were only two local branches.

(B) I use the bank once a week.

(C) It’s not going to move after all.


34. When does Ms. Hudson send orders for new supplies?

(A) That’s not what I ordered.

(B) On the first day of every month.

(C) I was very surprised to hear that.


35. I hope these statistics are correct.

(A) I checked them carefully.

(B) No, the ones in the corner.

(C) We’ll help you collect papers.


36. What does a round-trip flight to Hawaii cost?

(A) The flight is delayed.

(B) I’ll have to look that up.

(C) How much is it?


37. How long has it been since I saw you last?

(A) I think this dress is too long.

(B) I used to sew quite a bit.

(C) Quite a few years.


38. You should probably take the train to avoid traffic.

(A) I didn’t bring anything on the train.

(B) That’s what I’m planning to do.

(C) The transaction was voided.


39. Aren’t you pretty busy working on your research?

(A) No, I have a little time.

(B) Very attractive!

(C) I searched everywhere.


40. You’ve already applied for a grant, haven’t you?

(A) Yes, I’ve submitted my proposal.

(B) Noting is on the ground.

(C) It’s an appliance store.




<PART 3>



M:  Hi, I lost my cell phone in the front lobby this afternoon right after I checked in.

W: I’m sorry, sir. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen one.

M:  Okay, well, I’m staying in room 918. If you hear anything, would you please let me know?

W: Will do. Let me call the security office and see if they know anything about it.




M:  Jodie, I e-mail you yesterday about Jim Smith’s retirement party tomorrow. Do you think you can help me set it up?

W: Yes. The only problem is that I have a meeting until 5 o’clock. I can’t get out early because I’m presenting my project at the meeting.

M:  No problem. The party doesn’t start until 7 o’clock, so we’ll have plenty of time to set up the tables and chairs.




W: This is the registration desk. May I help you?

M:  Hi. I was calling to reschedule an appointment I have with Dr. Goto on June 13.

W: Have you been a patient here at the Mara Clinic before, sir?

M:  Yes, just once. I saw Dr. Hanson at the end of last year. I think it was in December.




M:  I need to make 30 copies of this flyer for the book sale on Thursday, but the copying machine is broken again.

W: Well, it’s only Monday. Maybe we can get it repaired before then.

M:  I think it’s beyond repair. I think we need a new one.

W: How about if I call Tom in the purchasing office to see if he’ll approve a purchase order for a new machine?




M:  I heard that Fran retired last week. Are they planning to hire anyone to take her place?

W: I hope so. We’re already understaffed, and the contract we got yesterday will mean more work.

M:  I agree. Maybe they can move someone from the merchandising office over here.





M:  Now that my business is expanding, the office is starting to seem too small. I’ve started looking for a new place to rent.

W: Have you looked at the area around the train station? There are some business properties that are being renovated there.

M:  That’s a good idea. I’ll look over there tomorrow.

W: According to the weather forecast, tomorrow should be a nice day to walk around.




M:  Excuse me. Is Kathy Capriola playing in the afternoon show today?

W: Yes, but all tickets for that show are sold out. There are some available for the evening performance, though.

M:  Okay. I’ll back for tonight’s show. Can I buy tickets now?

W: Sure. How many would you like?




W: The board of directors asked for some adjustments to the budget proposal for next year because the cost of fuel has increased so much.

M:  Well, we’re sending the annual report to the printer on Thursday. Will the new proposal be ready by then?

W: Yes. I had Jade in accounting check the figures on Monday, so I can send the revision over to you this afternoon.

M:  OK. Then once I look over the statement form the board, we should be all set.




W: Has the sink in lab 2 been repaired yet?

M:  No. I talked to the plumber yesterday, and he said he wouldn’t get here to fix it until Friday.

W: But it’s only Tuesday! What are we supposed to do in the meantime?

M:  I think we can shift some of the test work into labs 1 and 4 if we need to. The space will be tight with the extra workers, but at least we can run all the scheduled analyses.




M:  Sarah, our regular shipper has raised its rates considerably. Would you have time to do a cost comparison of other shipping companies?

W: Well, first I need to make a list of what’s in these boxes, but that shouldn’t take too long. When would you need the information?

M:  Oh, by the end of the week is fine. I’m hoping we can present our findings at Monday’s meeting and persuade the managers that we could save money by changing shipping companies.

W: OK, after I’ve finished with the boxes, I’ll see what I can find out about the shipping prices at other places.




<PART 4>



Hi, Mr. Brown. This is Stacy Jackson from MacDougall’s Bookstore. I’m calling at 2 o’clock on Thursday, and I just wanted to let you know that the book on printmaking you ordered has come in. We’re closing at 5:00 tonight, but we’ll be open from 9:00 to 8:00 tomorrow and Saturday. You can pick it up at the front desk. We’ll see you at the store soon.




This announcement is for all second-shift supervisors. Please make sure all production floor pathways and fire exits are clear of obstructions. An inspector from the fire department will be checking the premises from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. tomorrow. We want a clean report, so we’re counting on each supervisor to take responsibility for his or her respective shop area.




Good morning, and welcome to the annual Convention for Entertainment Magazine Publishers. Our seminar this morning will discuss ways to research trends in the music industry. In the afternoon, you’ll have the opportunity to try some of these research methods, using an invaluable tool, the Internet. We’ve set up three rooms with Internet access for this purpose. If you’d like more information about this afternoon’s schedule, check at the information desk in the convention center lobby. If you’re not sure where the information desk is, just follow me at the end of this seminar.




Welcome to New Employee Orientation. Here’s what we’re doing today. First, you’ll each get an employee identification badge. Then we’ll take a tour of the facility. The folder in front of you contains a map of the building. Please refer to the map during the tour. There are also some forms in the folder for you to complete. After the tour, we’ll all have lunch together in the cafeteria. If you get separated from the tour, just meet us at the cafeteria at noon. Again, refer to the map in your folder if you need help finding anything. After lunch, your supervisors will show you to your specific workstation. And if you’re wondering when you’ll finally submit all of your paperwork, it’s after lunch, when you meet with your supervisors.




Ladies and gentlemen, we regret to inform you that the 10:00 A.M. National Airlines flight from Philadelphia to Seattle has been canceled. There is another flight scheduled to leave from gate 3A here in Philadelphia at 1:00 P.M. and arrive in Seattle at 7:00 this evening, with a short stopover in Chicago. We apologize for the inconvenience. Each passenger on the canceled flight will receive a coupon for 50 dollars off a future flight anywhere in North America. Again, the flight from Philadelphia to Seattle via Chicago will leave gate 3A at 1:00 P.M. and arrive in Seattle at 7:00.




Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for coming tonight to celebrate the opening of the Peabody Wing of the Green Valley Science Museum. I’d like to hand the microphone over to a very important person, Mr. James Lawry, architect and designer of the Peabody Wing. Mr. Lawry is known world-wide for his innovative design concepts and practical style. We can certainly see that here. He has given us a state-of-the-art, user-friendly space in which to feature our special interactive science exhibits. In fact, next month we will feature our first exhibit, “Astronomy in Focus.” Please join me in welcoming Mr. James Lawry.




The Sidney Eagles would like to thank all of you for supporting us this season. At this time, we’d like to remind our fans that tickets are still available for tomorrow night’s game against the Rutherford Panthers. Come back and cheer for your Sidney Eagles as they play for the title of Pacific Conference champions. To purchase tickets, visit the ticket office on your way out of the stadium. Remember that the first 500 ticket-holders to arrive at tomorrow’s game will receive Sidney Eagles T-shirts paid for by Sharma’s Sporting Goods, our sponsors for tomorrow’s night’s game. Sharma invites you to visit any of their convenient store locations for all your athletic clothing needs. Gates open one hour before the start of the game. We’ll see you then!




As you know, last year we decided to add coffee shops to our larger stores. Now people linger at the stores and buy more housewares and furniture after they’ve eaten. On Monday, I received our sales figures, and I am pleased to report that our sales in London and New York have increased by 20 percent. However, in the Paris store, sales have had no change. We’re not sure exactly why, but this may be due to the unusually warm weather, which began about two weeks ago. So we’ve decided to try marketing some cold beverages there to lure people into the store.




Thank you for the generous introduction, Mr. Park. I am delighted to be here tonight to receive this prestigious award. I have been an avid reader since my childhood, but my interest in writing didn’t start until I was at university when I wrote for a campus newspaper. At around the same time, I started writing short stories as a hobby. I never imagined that my hobby would turn into a career! If Mr. Oberly, my agent, hadn’t encouraged me to submit my writing to publishers ten years ago, I wouldn’t be standing here today; so, Mr. Oberly, thank you. I couldn’t have asked for a better agent. I would also like to thank all of my readers – I will continue to share my stories with you.




I’m Alan Lam and you’re listening to Business Today on HK Radio One. Results of the National Manufacturers’ Association’s annual survey were released today. Nearly three out of four survey respondents indicated that having high-quality employees is the factor most critical to their success. The second most commonly selected factor was new product innovation. Most respondents noted that they must create innovative products in order to compete in the global marketplace. Surprisingly, low-cost production ranked third in the survey; in the past, this has been the number one response, with manufacturers placing an emphasis on inexpensive operations. Now, it appears, executives are hoping to have high-quality employees and be innovative, too.


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