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01. are not significant enough to (justify) the cost of recent transactions. 비용을 정당화시키다

02. ~ (accounts) for two-third of the company’s production. ~ 만큼 차지하다

03. as soon as (they) could  그들이 할 수 있는 한 빨리

04. (Photographs) submitted 제출된 사진들

05. our brochure to (inform) ~ ~ 에게를 알리기 위한 선전책자

06. (in) a timely manner  시간을 잘 맞마추어서

07. let me (know)  사역동사 let + 목적어 + 동사원형

08. inspecting your restaurant  inspect 는 타동사

09. could (possibly) be accurate - could be 사이에 부사

10. by (maintaining) relationships~ 전치사 다음에는 명사나 ing : by ~ ing = ~ 함으로써

11. (instead of) sending  ~  대신에

12. The enlargement (of) the laboratory  A of B = B의 A

13. changing (political) conditions 정치적인 상황

14. its (existing) products  existt는 자동사라 ing분사밖에 없다

15. (This)  folder~.  단수 앞에는 this, 복수앞에는 these

16. the United States, (where) he gave a presentation ~ 장소 산행사 뒤에 관계부사 where

17. Small business owners (frequently) rely on ~ 자주, 빈번하게

18. teachers, (who) believe~  동사앞에는 주격 관계사 -> whose 는 틀림

19. the (highest) level of service possible : the 와 명사 사이에 최상급 형용사

20. make washing their hands a regular (habit). : make ~ a habit -> ~을 버릇으로 하다

21. ~ supermarket has a (designated) playing room : 지정된

22. on (creating) a password. 전치사뒤에 ing 가 올수 있다. 암호를 만드는 것에 대한

23. The engine~ is located so (as) to achieve~  : so as to V = in order to V = V하기 위해서

24. a client of (ours) 우리의 고객 : a friend of (mine) 나의 친구,  

25. such (an) important investment. 그와 같은 투자의 대상(투자의 대상일 때 investment 는 가산명사)

26. (due to) a restructuring action : due to ~ : ~ 때문에

27. (well) over a minute. : 1분 한참/훨씬 이상

28. (for) personal business~~is not allowed. 개인적인 용도를 위해

29. be of (service) 운행되는 동작되는(servicing 아님)

30. the rate of decline 하락율 ( a decline 이 아님 )

31. congratulate Ms. Wang (on) her 10 years of working : congratulate A on B B에 대해 A를 축하하다

32. the value of the nation's currency fell down (sharply) : 급격하게

33. The keypad should be pressed (firmly) : 꾸욱, 확실하게,

34. Unlike (many) companies, 복수명사앞에 many

35. S need security guards for (their) facilities -> their 지겹게 많이 나온다

36. (delegate) responsibilities to others. 책임을 남에게 위임하다

37. it will bring (rewards). 댓가가 있다. 이득이 된다

38. applications from (highly) qualified candidates : highly = 대단히

39. hotel is (located) in  ~에 위치해헤 있다.

40. S received a standing ovation for her (performance) of : 공연, cf standing ovation 기립박수(스탠딩 오베이션)

41. S look (forward) to serving  : look forward to ~ing : ~을 기대하다

42. either ~ S V (or) S V. : either A or B -> A 또는 B 둘중의 하나

43. (check) your room : -을 확인하다 * check 는 타동사

44. It is important for (journalists) to sign in before -> to 부정사의 의미상의 주어는 for + 사람

45. ~ Museum is (currently) closed for renovation : currently 는 현재이며 현재동사와 쓰임

46. the city's building codes became too (frustrating) too accomodate : frustrating -남들을 좌절시키는, frustrated 좌절을 느낀 기분을 나타내는 ing/pp 중 pp 는 꼭 사람만을 꾸민다.

47. ~ so profitable that the board of directors is (looking) into entering the European market. : look into ~ ~을 조사하다

48. ~ (was suffering) from jet leg, suffer from ~ ~때문에부터 고통을 겪다

49. The employees in different part of the world may (differ) in their opinions : differ in ~ ~ 가 다르다

50. One of the great (advantages) of telecommuting is the ability to work : one of the +복수명사 advantages 이점, 장점

51. Please be (considerate) and refrain from using mobile phones : considerate 사려깊은

52. (despite) questions regarding his fiscal policy.  ~에도 불구하고 despite +명사/ although + 주어 +동사

53. analyze the (increasing) amounts of information 늘어나는 = increasing

54. misuse, ~ , or (other) consumer negligence. (기타) 소비자의 태만 other 다음에 불가산명사가 오면 단수로 온다

55. (directly) to our head of public relations : ~에게 직접 -> directly to ~

56. (As soon as) ~ buidling has been inspected, the first tenants will~  As soon as S + V = ~하자 마자

57. When you (want) to access your account, : when 다음에 미래의 내용이 와도 동사를 다순현재로 씀

58. for private and business (functions) 비즈니스 행사 : function에 (행사)라는 뜻이 있다. 알고 나 있나?

59. countries (that) are highly dependent on imported fuels have  앞의 선행사가 사람이든 사물이든 관계사 that으로 받을 수 있다.

60. have provided (impressive) gains in the entire housing sector. impressive-> 대단한

61. (By) increasing facilities, we can attract new consumers : by +ing -> ing 함으로써

62. Before revising your vehicle, be sure that nothing (obstructs) your view.  방해하다, 가로막다

63. to refuse the (delivery) of  배달이라는 명사는 delivery

64. Early last week, the building commissioner formally (approved) ~ : last 가 보이면 무조건 과거시제

65. to your (satisfaction) 당신이 만족할 수 있도록

66. A thorough (revision) of paragraph ~ 수정 개정

67. improve (existing) health-care benefits 현존하는

68. 주어 will be on television (introducing) their ideas. : 완전한 절 다음에는 to부정사나 ing/pp로 시작되는 분사구문이 가능함

69. (promptly) at 1 o'clock:  (promply) 정각에, 정시에

70. (when) renting transportation  when ~ing : ~ 할 때, / when -pp : ~되었을 때

71. available (for) lease : 임대가능한

72. S V (as long as) they have two pieces of their identification. : as long as S +V -> SV하기만 하다면

73. an effective (means) of brining A and B together : means(수단,방법)는 단수도 means , 복수도 means입니다.

74. decided to (discontinue) its line of ~ : discontinue ~을 중지하다 discontinue 는 ing 를 받는 동사

75. sales people first establish (sense) of trust : sense of trust 신뢰감

76. The next stage of our company's growth is (simultaneously) : 동시에 (싸이멀테니어슬리)

77. (fewer, a fewer) repairs -> fewer repairs

78. it will be (necessity/necessary) -> necessary

79. may not (has read/ have read) -> have read

80. (none/no) other-> no other

81. tailoring the style of ~ (require/ requires) : requires -> tailoring(동명사) 가 주어이면 단수 취급

82. (because/because of) a problem beyond our control-> because of + 명사

83. a letter of (conseting/consent) -> consent : 동의서 -> a letter of consent

84. in spite of뒤에는 (동)명사 -> though 뒤에는 주어+동사

85. (funding/funded) by ~-> funded by ~ : ~에 의해 자금지원을 받는

86. The economical gains ~ have been (fairly) widespread ~….on a steady rise. : fairly : 공평하게

87. a number of complaint-> complaints : a number of 뒤에 복수 명사 -> 복수취급

88. improve securely-> security  -> improve 뒤에는목적어로 명사가 필요함

89. at end of(틀림) -> at the end of

90. during I am away-> while I am away : during 뒤에는 명사, while 뒤에는 주어+동사

91. cover the costs of development many others -> developing : development 는 목적어를 받을 수 없지만 동명사가 되면 목적어를 받는다.

92. though (that) impurities-> (those) impurities

93. for guarantee -> to guarantee : guarantee 는 동사이므로 앞에 전치사는 틀립니다.

94. has a (useful) Website providing homebuyers with~  useful = 쓸모있는, 유용한(명사앞에 형용사)

95. The new procedure will be put into (effect) : be put into effect 는 실행되다, 유효화되다.

96. invite the students of (your) department : 명사앞의 소유형용사 문제는 꼭 한문제씩 나온다.

97. interviewing Mr. Han (between) 4:00 and 5:00.

98. will be (closing) early to allow its employees ~ 폐점할 것이다.

99. The manger decided to lease a used one in good (condition) for two years. (훌륭한 상태)

100. have the option of either using all their vacation days (or) exchanging them for cash : either A or B

101. ~ submit a request (directly) to the purchasing director 제출한다 ~에게 직접(directly)

102. ~ (highly) recommended by her previous employer  (대단히) 권장되는

103. ~ develop different (versions) of resumes  다른형태의 -> different (versions)

104. When (making) a long distance call, ~ 장거리 전화를 걸때

105. ~ her colleagues tried the program (themselves) before they commented on it. 재귀대명사 홀로 오면 ‘주어스스로’. ‘주어가 직접’이라는 뜻

106. ~ examine their primary goal (thoughtfully) before~ 사려깊게,

107. ~ handling customer (complaints) effectively 불평들(가산명사)(

108. ~ must reduce costs and operate more (efficiently) 효율성있게

109. In an (effort) to better serve consumers around the world, 영어의 노력은 가산명사

110. A new list of ~ (was posted) last week. ( last week 가보이면 무조건 과거)

111. (Because) the accounting Microsoft made by BBO was cost effective, because 뒤에는 주어+동사, because of 뒤에는 명사

112. People come to the small village of~ to enjoy its (colorful) fireworks displays. (색깔이 화려한)

113. (Anyone)  interested in organizing the award banquet should contact Ms~ at extension~ (누구든지)

114. All employees and~ (attend)  the company picnic. (attend 는 ~에 참석하다 타동사) -> participate 는 in 이 필요하다

115. supervisors는 감독자, supervision 감독행위

116. return to (normal) 정상으로 돌아가다

117. The board (determined) that ~ ~라고 결정했다.

118. The demand for more powerful computers has (increased) with the new technologies. 증가했다, increase 는 자동사로도 쓰임

119. ~should register for (annual) conference by September: annual 매년있는

120. The construction of~ (is expected) to create ~ jobs (be expected toV -할 것이라 예상되는)

121. has proven to be (profitable) 수익성있는

122. Those employees ~ are (still) expected to~  : still 아직도

123. A key to ~ is to realize (that) S V : realize that S + V -> that 이하를 실감하다

124. let the recent problems (affect) the long-term export plans 사역동사 let + 목적어 + 동사원형

125. the editorial page of the newspaper is more (enlightening) : enlightening 계몽적인,

126. if ~ had not been reported ~, we (would not have received)  

127. 가정법 과거 완료 if + S + had pp, S + would/could/might have pp

128. information on the (quality) of the water : 수질 = quality og the water

129. has been (tentatively) scheduled to take place at ~ Hotel. (임시로, 잠정적으로)

130. (discuss) cost-cutting measures.  discuss 는 타동사 대표선수

131. in (cooperation) with  ~ : ~와 협조하여

132. resulting (from) errors : result in ~ ~를 초래하다/ result from ~ ~로부터 비롯되다.

133. continue to make strides toward (improved) customer relations. 개선된 고객관계

134. were able to reach a (consensus) on a proposal  합의, 동의 consensus

135. The performance~ was received (more enthusiastically) by critics than ~ 더 열정적으로

136. (even though) the final sales figures have not yet been confirmed:  even though S+V -> S+V인데도 불구하고

137. will look (radically) different after the new chief executive take over the company.  대단히, 급진적으로

138. begin (production) of its new line... 생산을 시작하다

139. as a result (of) ~ ~의 결과로서

140. qualified art (instructors) with ~experience. 자격갖춘 사람

141. To schedule (an interview),  interview 는 가산명사이므로 an interview, interviews 해야한

142. Mr. T decided to do it (himself). -> 주어가 남자 단수 이므로 himself가 맞다

143. All new (assistants) should make sure they receive their identification badges : all 다음에 가산명사는 복수로 오는 것이 맞다.

144. Before becoming an investment adviser, Mr T worked as an (economy/economist)~ 경제학자로서 as an economist

145. Until plans for ~ are (confirm/confirmed), the agent will : 확인되다 -> be confirmed

146. (without) their consent. 동의없이

147. can hold (reservations) for tickets 티켓의 예약

148. the only florist in the (area)  그 지역의 유일한 화원

149. it would be the (easiest/easy) to implement : be 동사뒤에 형용사 우선, 앞에 the 가 있으므오 최상급 easiest가 정답

150. a chart which (signifies) Mac Dougal Corporation's profits : which = a chart = 단수이므로 단수 동사가 정답

151. have strongly (criticized) several provisions : 강하게 비판했다.

152. The human resources (division) will be ~ : 인력자원부 The human resources (division)

153. S is best known for his (regular) editorial column in the local newspaper. 정기적인

154. (On) his way to Japan,  ~ 로 가는 길에 -> on one's way to ~

155. (obtain) proper vehicle permission. : ~을 얻다

156. ~ should be able to assemble this computer desk (easily).  쉽게

157. is located only 30 miles to (the south) of ~, and : to south of 는 틀림

158. take the ferry (on) the lake. with the lake 는 틀림

159. whether the company is in compliance with the (accepted) regulations. 받아들여진 규정

160. (volunteers) ~ clean the park as part of their efforts to ~ 지원자들

161. showing the total cost of holiday (approximately) ten days before your departure. 대략적으로, 대략

162. The team ~ consists of talented experts holding (a variety) of qualifications. 다양한 = a variety of ~

163. illustrates how how much (progress) A has made in the past year~ 얼마나 많은 발전 -> how much the progress는 틀림

164. about (how/what) to work fax machines. how 가 맞다-> 뒤의 to 부정사가 목적어가 필요한 경우는 what, 그 반대는 how

165. Had it not been for ~ , the team would not have (developed) ~  have 뒤에는 pp 가 온다

166. The project manager of the research team (was) proud 주어가 manager 이므로 단수

167. doing everything possible to (meet) the production deadline : meet the deadline 마감시간에 맞추다.

168. he can start (his) own business : one's own ~ : 누구누구 자신의 ~

169. please contact an authorized retailer for (clarification) : for clarification 명확한 내용을 알기 위해서

170. responded quite (differently) to the question : 꽤 다르게

171. will (finally) release the results : finally 마침내, 드디어

172. they could benefit (from) his experience  : ~로부터 혜택을 보다 benefit from ~

173. (comply) with the specifications : ~을 준수하다 : comply with ~

174. to work (actively) 능동적으로 일하다

175. An established network of business (contacts) can be extremely helpful : contacts 연락처, 거래처, 지인

176. Physics is much too (demanding) for them : demanding ~ 까다로운

177. (Barring) an out-of-court settlement : barring ~ : ~을 제와한다면, except는 문장의 맨앞에 못온다

178. we view her application (favorably) : 호의적으로 보다

179. are eligible to receive the (award) : 상을 받을 자격이 있는

180. be (holding) a press conference : hold + 행사 = 행사를 개최하다.

181. were (exclusivey) in accounting : exclusively -> 오로지 , 단지

182. this year's charity event (benefiting) our local theater :  ~에게 이익이 되는 benefiting ~

183. (another/other) resources → another 뒤에는 단수가 옴, other 가 정답

184. (instructed) me to hire → instructed +사람+toV 가 맞고 ‘instructed to 사람’은 틀림

185. review the interesting (paper) about refinancing loans : paper -> 논문, 기사

186. to be (attractive) to families : 매력적인 = attractive

187. All employees can (borrow) computer handbooks from the library : borrow 는 빌려오다,  lend 는 빌려주다

188. a wide variety of workshops → wide 뒤에는 명사인 variety 가 옴

189. the work seemed interesting → interested는 사람만을 꾸민다.

190. all the bids were quite competitive → competitive 경쟁력이 있는

191. to see more interesting sights → sights 가산명사 장면들, 모습들, 무관사 단수로 쓰면 틀림

192. (Neither) A nor B : A 또는 B 둘다 아니다.

193. despite the lack (of) advice available → lack of advice -> 충고의 부족

194. Guests are invited to visit → be invited toV : V하도록 초대되다

195. retirement package available to any full-time (employee) → any full-time employee -> 아무 정규직 종업원

196. please (return) them in to the front desk → return to them 은 틀림

197. Our company is in the final (stages) of securing a patent~ 단계 = stages, steps,

198. is (worth) the additional cost : be worth ~ :  ~ 만큼 값어치가 있다.

199. listen (to) your complaints → listen at은 틀림

200. several courses of action, (none) of which is completely right or wrong 그들중의 그 아무도

201. (some) weeks ago : 몇주전에

202. (Given) a five-time recipient the Employee of the Month award, he was ~:  Given ~ : ~를 고려할 때, ~을 감안 할 때  

203. The technology company has (devised) a tracking system 고안했다.

204. batteries are inserted (correctly) -정확하게

205. (after) they saw Ms. Sachi's presentation → ‘주어동사 하고 나서’ 는 ‘after S+V’임 / following S+V가 아님.

206. confirm to revise food safety (standards) → standard는 가산명사임

207. has been (compiling) a data-base of names → compiled는 틀림 (능동태라야 함)

208. final changes (in) next week's fund-raising campaign → by는 틀림

209. are expanding (their) supply of → theirs는 틀림

210. The (overall) profitability ~  overall 전반적인

211. an aggressive (campaign)  맨앞에 an 이 있으므로 단수 명사필요

212. ~ have in (common)  공통점이 있다.

213. The demand for~is (greater) than : than 앞이므로 비교급 필요

214. In order to (avoid) a financial setback 재정적인 후퇴를 피하기 위해

215. requires every (user) have a four-digit access code : every나 each  뒤에는 단수명사

216. will arrive in plenty of time (for) the session : time for ~: ~을 위한 시간

217. without (written) consent 서면 동의 없이

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