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토익 단어 500


ability: 능력 (_____ to speak fluently)

absenteeism: 결근* (repeated ____ )

access: 접근권한* (have ____ to)

accessible: 접근이 가능한 (make it ___ to someone)

accommodate: 수용하다* (____ a large party)

accompanied: 동반된* (unless ____ by an adult)

accomplished: 성공한 (an _____ musician)

accordance: 부합 (in ____ with)

accordingly: 상응하여*

account: 계좌 (a checking _____)

accrue: 적립하다.  (_____ interest; ____ sick leave credits)

accurately: 정확히 (_____ account for)

acknowledge: 인정하다

acquisition: 인수 (= take-over)

additional: 추가적인* (at an ____ cost)

adequately: 적절히 (must be ____ wrapped)

adopt: 채택하다 (______ a new method)

advances: 발전* (The ____ in medical technology)

advantage: 유리한 점 (take ____ of)

advertisement: 광고 (an ______)

advice: 충고 (give an _____)

affect: 영향을 끼치다.* (will ____ the outcome)

affix: 부착하다.* (____ the label)

affordable: 저렴한* (at an _____ rate)

agenda: 안건 (a printed ____)

agreement: 동의 (reach an ______)

aggressively: 적극적으로 (____ pursue)

aim: 목표 (with the ____ of)

aimed: 겨냥한 (sports gear ____ at young teenagers)air-tight: 꽉 닫힌 (_____ container)

allocate: 할당하다* (____ the resources)

allow: 허용하다 (____ 사람 to 부정사)

already: 벌써 (have ____ arrived in time for)

alternative: 대안/대체* (feasible _____s to fossil fuels; an _____ plan)

analysis: 분석 (the final _____)

announcement: 발표 (make an _____)

annual: 연례의 (_____ conference)

apparel: 의상

appliance: 기기 (home ____)

applicable: 적용되는* (____ sales tax)

applicant: 지원자

application: 지원()

apply: 지원하다, 적용되다 (The term was applied to)

appointment: 예약 (make an _______)

appraisal: 감정, 평가* (performance ______)

appreciation: 감사 (showed their ____ for)

apprehension: 불안감 (___ among the employees)

appropriately: 적절하게* (should dress _____ for the occasion)

approval: 승인* (the final ____)

approximately: 대략 (in ____ one hour)

arbitration: 중재 (_____ began)

argumentative: 논쟁적인 (became _____)

arrangement: 사전 준비 (make an _____)

assignment: 과제  (give an ______)

assistant: 비서, 보조 (an ____ to)

association: 연합 (in ____ with)

attached: 부착된* (the ____ form)

attendance: 참석* (the poorest ______ record)

attendant: 접대원  (a flight ____)

attendee: 참석자

attire: 의상* (formal _____; professional _____)

audit: 감사 (receive an _____)

authority: 권위자 (the authority in the field)

authorization: 허가 (with written _____)

automated: 자동화된* (the ____ assembly line)

available: 주어진, 쓸 수 있는 (is readily _____ upon request)

awards:   (_____ ceremony)


barely: 겨우 (with _____ eight weeks left)

barring: 제외하면 (_____ extreme fluctuations)

beautification: 미화* (city ______ project)

benefits: 혜택 (_____ package; salary and _____)

boost: 활성화하다 (____ sales of the product)

branch: 지사 (____ office)

breakage: 파손 (to prevent any _____)

broaden: 넓히다 (____ the research into a few areas)

brochure: 소책자 (a very informative and interesting ______)

budget: 예산 (_____ proposal)


cancellation: 취소 (is subject to ______)

candidate: 후보 (the most qualified _____)

cash: 현금화하다 (_____ a check)

capable: 능력 있는 (_____ of)

capacity: 용량* (storage ______)

caution: 주의/주의를 주다 (with ______; must _____ young students)

cautiously: 신중하게* (_____ optimistic)

certain: 확실한 (X make certainly that)

certificate: 증서 (a _____ of authenticity)

chemical: 화학() (X chemist producing company)

child-proof: 어린이 안전용 (_____ safety lock)

choice: 선택한 것 (your ____ of soup)

cite: 인용하다.  (____ employee satisfaction as)

clear: 맑은 (on a ____ day)

closer: 더욱 더 정밀한 (upon _____ examination)

cognizant 인식하는 (be _____ of)

collaborate: 협력하다. (_____ on)

collate: 대조하다 (_____ their thoughts)

collection: 소장품, 수집품* (museum ______; ceramic tile collection)

collectively: 집합적으로

commensurate: 비례하는 (remuneration ____ with their experience)

commercial: 방송광고

commitment: 서약, 책임감  (a lack of ______)

commodity: 기초 물품 (____ prices)

commuter: 통근자

comparable: 비교할 만한 (____ to)

comparison: 비교 (in ____ with: 비교하여)

compatible: 호환성 있는 (____ with)

compensate: 보상하다 (____ for the injury)

competition: 경쟁()

complacent: 게으른 (become _____)

complimentary: 무료의 (____ light breakfast)

complex: 복잡한; 시설단지 (a ____ process; sports ____)

comply: 순응하다 (____ with the building codes)

comprehensive: 종합적인 (a _____ guide to the region)

concerning: ~에 관한

concurrently: 동시에 (The product and packaging are ____ developed)

condense: 압축하다, 요약하다. (____ the book/file into)

confident: 확신 있는 (____ in)

confidentiality: 기밀 (______ agreement)

confirmation: 확인 (written ______)

confiscate: 압수하다. (____ the stolen property)

conjunction: 결합 (in _____ with)

conscious: 의식하는 (____ of)

consecutively: 연속적으로

consent: 동의 (with a written _____)

considerable: 상당한 (_____ amount)

consistently: 지속적으로*

consult: 조회하다. (Please, ______ the product manual)

contact: 연락하다. (Please, ______ the customer service center)

continually: 계속 (are _____ dumping pollutants)

contribution: 공헌, 기부금 (make ____ to)

control: 통제 (beyond ______: 어쩔 수 없는)

convenience: 편의 (for your ______)

cooperatively: 협조하여 (work ______)

cordially: 진심으로 (You are ____ invited)

correspondence: 서신 연락 (the business _____ on this matter)

corrosion: 부식 (resistant to ______)

cost-effective: 저렴한* (____ method)

costly: 값 비싼 (a ____ item)

coverage: 적용, 보도 (media _____; insurance ______)

conveyed: 전달된 (The information should be ________ to)

criticism: 비평 (sharp ______)

currently: 현재 (is ____ under construction)

custody: 구금 (taken into _____)


damaged: 파손된 (____ luggage)

dedicated: 헌신적인; 전용이 (a ____ worker; ____ telephone lines)

dedication: 헌신

defects: 결함

defiance: 대항하여 (in ____ of)

defy: 배반하다 (____ description: 형용할 수 없는)

demand: 수요 (much _____ for cars; ___ for seats at the seminar)

demanding: 까다로운 (an overly _____ supervisor)

demoralized: 사기가 저하된.  (employees were very _______)

deposit: 입금, 예치금 (security ____: 보증금; make a _____)

description: 설명, 묘사 (for more extensive _____ of the product)

designated:지정된 (____ seats: 지정석)

desirous: 갈망하는 (is _____ of)

detailed: 상세한 (for more ____ information)

deteriorating: 약화되는 (deteriorating conditions)

development: 개발 (all phases of project _______)

differently: 다르게 (____ colored patterns)

dignitary: 유명인사 (the local ____)

dilute: 희석시키다

discretion: 판단 (at the ____ of)

disperse: 흩어지다 (_____ the crowd/population)

diversify: 다각화하다 (The conglomerate decided to ______)

divided: 나눠진 (is ____ into)

dividends 수익 배당금 (paying _____ on its common stock.

division: 부서* (automobile _____)

donate: 기부하다 (____ money/blood)

dramatically: 급격히* (increase ______)

drape: 천으로 덮다 (_____ the table)

duplicate: 사본 2 (in _____)

durable: 내구성 있는 (_____ goods; a very ____ material)


effect: 효과, 효력 (come/go into _____)

efficiently: 효율적으로* (as ______ as possible)

effective: 효과적인 (an ___ sales campaign)

effort: 노력 (in an ____ to)

electronically: 이메일로, 전신으로 (sent ______)

eligible: 자격이 되는 (be _____ to 부정사; be ______ for 명사)

emphasis: 강조 (place an ____ on)

enable: 가능하게 하다* (____ A to 부정사)

enclosed: 동봉된, 지붕이 덮인 (The shopping center is _____)

endangered: 멸종위기의 (_____ species)

engraved: 새겨진 (A watch ____ with your intials)

enhance: 향상시키다

entitled: 자격이 되는 (____ to 명사)

enthusiasm: 열정 (with such _____ that)

equip: 설치하다* (A with B)

escort: 수행하다 (She will ____ you to ~)

estimated: 예상되는 (the _____ time of arrival)

exactly: 정확히 (to decide _____)

exception: 예외 (with the ______ of)

exceptional: 이례적인 (show an _____ job performance)

excitedly: 흥분되어 (spoke _____ about)

exclusively: 전적으로, 제한적으로 (_____ for today's busy executives)

existing: 기존에 있는 (make use of the ____ facilities)

expansion: 확장 (business ______ plan)

expansive: 광범위한* (an _____ view of the landscape)

expectation: 기대하는 바* (The _____ is that S+V)

expedite: 신속화하다 (to ____ the handling of your call)

expense: 비용 (at the owner's _____)

experience: 경험하다 (If you ____ any problem with)

expiration: 만기, 만료 (the _____ date)

exposure: 노출 (too much ____ to sunlight)

extend: 연장하다 (____ the deadline)

extensively: 대대적으로 (was _____ renovated)

extinction: 멸종 (are in danger of ______)

extremely: 극도로 (be ____ careful)

evacuate: (건물 등을) 비우다, 대피하다

evaluation: 평가 (_____ card; course _____s)

eventually: 결국에는 (will _____ need to be modernized)


fabric: (a soft ____)

faced: 직면된 (Faced with)

factions: 당파들 (split into a number of rival _____)

familiarize: 익숙하게 하다 (familiarize A with B)

fascinated: 매혹된 (with)

favorable: 유리한 (____ weather condition)

favorably: 우호적으로 (has bee received _____)

feats: 위업들

feature: 특징, 기능, 특별히 선보이다. (will ____ a report on)

finally: 결국* (have ____ been)

findings: 발견한 사실들 (was consistent with his findings)

finished: 완성된 (the _____ product)

fiscal: 회계의 (____ year; ____ responsibility)

fitness: 헬스 (physical _____ program)

flexibility: 융통성, 유연성 (X the flexible of)

focus: 초접을 맞추다 (will ____ our study on~)

forecast: 전망 (a long-term economic _____; the local weather _____)

formal: 공식의 (____ dinner)

forfeit: 몰수당하다

foreseeable: 내다보이는 (in the _____ future)

fortunate: 행운의

foster: 육성하다 (___ good relations between A and B)

freshness: 신선함* (retain _____ and flavor)

further: 추후의, 추가적인 (until ____ notice)


gauge: 측정하다 (____ the reaction of the consumers)

gratuity: (standard _____)

grandeur: 웅장함 (former _____)

guidelines: 지침사항들 (within the _____)


handle: 다루다 (cannot ____ the workload)

hardly: 거의 ~하지 않는다.  (He ____ ever comes to the meeting)

hazardous: 위험한 (is ____ to your health)

heavily: 많이 (rely ____ on; will rain ____ tomorrow)

hesitantly: 우물쭈물 (rather _____)

highly: 매우 (____ competitive market; ____ successful careers)

honor: 명예 (in ___ of)


identification:신분 (two forms of proper _____)

immediate: 직속 (______ supervisor)

imperative: 중요한* (It is ____ that S+동사원형)

implement: 실행하다.  (will _____ changes)

improve: 개선시키다. (_____ customer relations)

inaugurate: 개시하다* (____ the route between A and B)

incidental: 부가적인 (_____ expenses)

inconvenience: 불편한 것 (what is seen as _____ by one culture)

inclement: 매서운 (_____ weather)

incompetent: 무능한 (an ____ employee)

inconsistent: 불일치의 (is _____ with)

increasingly: 점점 더

indicated: 명시된, 표시된 (as _____ on the chart)

indication: 표시, 징표 (a good _____ of)

inform: 통보하다

informative: 교육적인* (is both _____ and interesting)

informed: 박식한* (____ decision; _____ readers)

inherently: 본질적으로 (_____ risky business)

initial: 약식서명하다 (should _____ the time cards)

initiative: 솔선수범 (take the _____)

innovative: 혁신적인 (a fresh and _____ idea)

insert: 삽입하다.  (___ your card into the electronic reader)

install: 설치하다

installments: 할부 (금액) (three easy monthly ______)

intended: 의도된 (is ____ for publication)

interested: 관심이 있는 (be ______ in)

interpretation: 해석 (the _____ of the authorities in the field)

interfere: 방해하다* (Dust can ____ with)

involved: 관여된* (____ in)

irrelevant: 무관한 (is ____ to us)

itinerary: 일정 (travel _____)


juvenile: 미성년의 (a _____ crime)


labor: 노동; 일하다 (who ____ed outdoors)

lag: 처지다; 지체 (____ behind the schedule; suffering from a jet ___)

largely: 주로 (due ____ to)

lasting: 지속되는 (leave a _____ impression; have a ____ effect on))

launch: 시작하다 (____ a new sales campaign)

lawsuit: 소송 (to file a ______)

lax: 느슨한 (be ____ in)

lease: 임대하다* (____ a car)

level: 단계, 위치 (he rose to the ____ of the vice president)

likely: 확률이 있는* (it is _____ that; is ___ to)

limited: 제한된 (for a _____ time only)

live: 생방송의 (a ____ broadcast)

local: 지역의 (____ production; ____ high school)

locally: 지역적으로 (prefer to hire _____ than ~ overseas)

lucrative: 수익성이 있는 (a highly _____ business)


mandatory: 필수적인

maintenance: 유지관리 (a regular ____ schedule)

malfunction: 고장 (due to a mechanical ____)

mandatory: 필수의

marginal: 적은 양의  (there is only ____ interest in)

maximum: 최대량 (at the ______; ____ security)

means: 수단 (the preferred ____ of travel; by ____ of)

memoirs: 회고록 (published his ______)

merged: 합병된 (Once _____)

minimum: 최소량 (a ____ of)

misplaced: 잘못 두어진

missing: 분실된, 실종된 (____ luggage; _____ child)

modification: 수정 (make the necessary ______)

monopoly: 독점 (has a ____ on)

monitor: 감시하다 (should ____ the progress of each employee)

mounting: 가중되는 (____ pressure from the public)

mural: 벽화  (the _____ on the wall)

mutually: 상호간에 (reach a _____ beneficial solution)


narrow: 좁히다 (____ down the list of candidates to three)

needs: 욕구 (meet the _____)

negotiations: 협상들 (_____ are under way)

neutrality: 중립성 (her ______ was called into question)

nominate: 공천하다

normal: 정상의 (during the ____ business hours)

notice: 공고, 알아채다.* (X notify the paintings on the wall)

notification: 통보

notify: 통보하다* (___ A of B; ___ A that S+V)

numerous: 수많은 (____ attempts have been made)


objective: 목표 (the _____ of)

observance:  준수 (in _____ of the national holiday)

observe:준수하다 (___ the "no-smoking" sign:금연사인을 지키다)

offer: 제안, 특별 가격 제안 (a promotional _____)

onset: 시작하는 시접 (at the ____ of the game)

openings: 빈 자리 (job _____)

opposing: 상반된 (the ____ point of view)

optimistic: 낙관적인* (is _____ that S+V)

outfit: 의복 (put on a new ____)

outstanding: 뛰어난; 미지급된 (_____ qualifications; an ____ debt)

overcome: 극복하다 (____ this temporary difficulty)

overdue: 연체된  (The library book was 5 days _____)

overhead: 머리 위의 *(the ______ compartment)


participate: 참가하다 (___ in)

participation: 참여 (the _____ of each member)

particularly: 유난히 (are _____ small)

parties: 당사자들 (all interested _____ should contact)

perfect: 완벽한, 최적의 (is the _____ setting for)

periodical: 정기간행물 (____ section)

permit: 허가증 (To purchase a parking _____)

personal: 개인의 (_____ checks)

personally: 개인적으로 (The president ____ welcomed)

persuasively: 설득력 있게 (present arguments ______)

phase: 단계  (at the last _____ of the construction)

portion: 부분, (this ____ of the city)

potential: 가능한; 가능성 (______ customers/bidders; a full ______)

precipitation: 강수 (temperature and _____ data)

preclude: 사전에 막다

predict: 예상하다 (X many predicts)

premium: 할증금 (insurance _____)

prescription: 처방 (fill the _____)

present: 주다 (will ____ a plaque and a check to)

presiding: 주재하는 (the _____ officer/judge)

presumably: 추측컨대

prevalent: 널리 퍼진 (once so _____ in this province)

primarily: 주로 (made ____ of plastic)

print: 인쇄 (out of ____:절판된)

priority: 우선순위 (the highest ______)

procedure: 절차 (X the required procedural)

proceeding: 진행되다 (The work was ____ as scheduled)


processing: 처리 (for _____ processing)

procrastinate: 게으름을 피우다.

production: 생산() (good _____ facilities)

productivity: 생산성 (employee ______)

prohibited: 금지된

promotion: 승진 (He received a ______)

promptly: 신속히 (must be answered _____)

properly: 올바르게 (must be ____ aligned; to function _____)

prospective: 잠재 (_______ buyer/client/customer)

prosperity: 번영 (in times of _____)

protective: 보호용 (____ clothing; ____ equipment)

provide: 제공하다 (A with B)

provision: 대비 (make ____ for)

proxy: 대리인 (You can send your _____ instead)

punitive: 징벌의 (in _____ damages)


qualified: 자격이 되는 (is the better ____ of the two; ____ applicants)

quality: 품질 (____ control: 품질관리)

quarterly: 사분기의 (the _____ earnings report)


raise: 인상(하다); 제기하다 (a pay ____; ___ questions about)

rarely: 거의 ~ 못하다 (____ has the situation been~)

reach: 도달하다 (____ an agreement)

realistically: 현실적으로 (cannot _____ expect)

readily:기꺼이 (___ available: 기꺼이 사용 가능한)

recall: 회수 (issue a ____ notice)

recently: 최근에 (according to a ____ issued government report)

reception: 접대 (at the ______ )

recommendation: 추천 (on the _____ of)

reference: 참조 (in ____ to)

redeemable: 상환 가능한

reduction: 감소* (cost _____)

reference: 참고, 추천 (in _____ to; a letter of ______)

refund: 환불 (a ___ refund: 전액환불)

regarding: ~에 관한

regretably: 후회스럽게도 (we must ____ inform you that S+V)

regular: 정규의 (____ banking hours)

reimbursement: 배상 (request a _____ for; monthly _____)

request: 요구* (All ____ must be made)

required: 필수의 (a ____ tax document)

released: 발표된 (a recently released press report)

reliable: 믿을 만한* (is completely _____)

remainder: 나머지 (for the ____ of the month)

remittance: 송금 (a _____ slip)

remuneration: 보상, 보수 (will give some _____ to)

rendered: 되다 (was ____ useless)

repair: 수리(하다) (the cost of _____)

replace: 교체하다 (A with B)

relatively: 상대적으로 (_____ speaking,)

required: 필수의 (the ____ tax documents)

reservation: 예약 (make a ____)

resignation: 사임 (the _____ of the personnel director)

respect: 존중심* (with _____)


respond: 응답하다 (_____ promptly to the client's request)

response: 응답 (in _____ to)

responsibility: 책임* (environmental and social ______)

responsive: 반응을 보이는 (is ____ to)

restore: 재건하다, 복원되다 (____ to its original condition)

result: 결과 (as a ____ of)

retirement: 은퇴 (a _____ party/banquet; early ______)

retrieval: 복구 (the information _____ system)

reveal: 공개하다 (reveal a strong preference for)

revenues: 수입 (tax ____ over three years)

revised: 개정된* (_____ edition; _____ premium rate)

revolution: 혁명 (caused a ______; a cultural ____)

rich: 풍부한 (a ____ source of information)

rise: 상승; 상승하다 (the ____ in the oil price; on the ____)

risk: 위험률 (run a ____ of; ___ premium 위험수당)

rival: 경쟁자; 경쟁상대의


salary: 급여 (____ history: 연봉 경력)

satisfaction: 만족* (customer ______)

satisfactory: 만족스런 (a ____ excuse/outcome)

savings: 저축 (____ banks)

scrutinize: 면밀히 조사하다 (_____ the vase)

securely: 안전하게* (must be _____ fastened/anchored)

seldom: 거의 ~않는다.  (He ____ comes to the regular meeting)

selection: 엄선된 것들 (includes only a _____ of those retailers who)

separately: 따로 (Each lens is made _____)

service: 서비스* (customer _____ desk)

settlement: 합의 (finally reached a ______)

severely: 심하게 (will be _____ reprimanded for)

share: , 주식, 점유율 (market _____)

significantly: 상당히 (increased ______)

simply: 단순히 (_____ too few; ____ fill out the enclosed form)

skilled: 숙련된 (a ____ labor)

slightly: 약간 (is ____ higher than)

sophisticated: 정교한 (a _____ equipment)

speeding: 과속 (was ticketed for _____)

specific: 구체적인 (for more _____ information)

spending: 지출 (the development ______)

sponsor: 후원자; 후원하다

stable: 안정적인 (remained _____)

staff: 스탭진 (X all staffs)

standards: 기준 (safety _____)

stir: 휘젓다 (thoroughly ____ the mixture)

stock: 물량 (out of ____)

stockholder: 주주 (the company's _____)

strategic: 전략적인 (a _____ objective of the company)

strategy: 전략 (a creative advertising ___; an effective marketing ___)

streamline: 간소화하다. 

striking: 놀라운 (_____ difference between them)

strongly: 강력히 (it is _____ recommended that S+V)

subject:* 가능한* (is ____ to change)

subscription: 구독 cf.  subscribe to ~에 구독하다.

substantial: 상당한 (a ____ amount of)

successful: 성공적인 (X to highly successive careers)

sufficiently: 충분히

superior: 월등한 (is ____ to)

sure: 확실한* (X make surely that)

surprise: 놀람 (taken by ____)

surprisingly: 놀랍게도 (is ____ low in fat)

surrounding: 둘러싼* (in the ______ area)

suspicious 의심하는 (be _____ of)


tax: 세금 (sales ____ on)

telecommunications: 정보통신 (______ industry)

tentative: 임시의 (discussing a _____ agreement)

temporarily: 일시적으로 (was ____ suspended; is ____ closed)

terms: 용어들 (in the strongest possible ____)

timely: 적기의 (in a ____ manner)

toll: 요금 (____ collection: 요금 징수)

transaction: 거래 (was charged for each ____)

transcribe: 받아 적다 (had her ____ the minutes)

transfer: 전근 (put in for a _____: 전근을 신청하다)

transferable: 양도 가능한 (The tickets are not _____ to)


unanimous: 만장일치의 (a ____ support/decision)

unbiased: 편견 없는 (an ____ opinion/advice)

understanding: 이해심이 많은 (for being so ______)

updated: 개정된 (____ report/edition/manual)

unlimited: 무제한의 (____ mileage/access)

unoccupied: 차지된 (remained ______)

unusually: 이례적인 (____ high staff turnover)

user-friendly: 사용이 편리한 (_____ computer software)


vacant: 비어 있는 (X vacancy lot)

valuables: 귀중품 (Do not leave any ______ unattended)

vary: 다양하게 변하다. (the results may _____ depending on~)

varied: 다양한

ventilation: 환기 (good ______)

vested: 기득의 (___ interest: 기득권)

voluntarily: 자원해서


waive: 면제해 주다 (wave a fee)

wane: 쇠퇴 (on the _____)

warranty: 보증 (comes with a limited five-year ______)

willing: 의지가 있는 (is ____ to help; ____ to buy)

workload: 업무량 (a heavy _____)

written: 서면 상의 (a ____ confirmation/notification)  


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